This paper was originally written as a Research Proposal final assignment for LIS 505 Introduction to Research. I chose this assignment for my LIS 600 Capping Exercise because it represents my focus in the Masters of Library and Information Studies program at the University of Alberta's School of Library and Information Studies. I have a strong interest in technology as an area of study and I wanted to explore the use of mobile library websites in academic libraries. The Literature Review was a helpful exercise in gaining a better understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of using apps, or mobile technology, to access library websites, features of the best mobile library websites and user perspectives of such tools. This paper contributes to fulfilling the Research competency in the MLIS program and is reflective of the theoretical and practical knowledge I gained in this area of study.

A one-credit workshop in Fall 2011, LIS 598 Principles and Concepts in Technology Management built upon the themes I researched for this paper and I now have more insight into the user experience and mobile devices, as well as the difference between mobile web library websites and library website APIs (iTunes). This course enhanced my professional development and has better prepared me for managing technology in libraries and other types of organizations and businesses.

Although some of the courses I took may not have had a technological focus, I tailored all of my assignments to varied technology related topics, such as the following:

  • LIS 501 Foundations of Library and Information Studies (Issues Paper): The Impact of Mobile Devices in Libraries [in part discussing QR Codes]

  • LIS 503 Information Services (Presentation): Encyclopedia of Life [content collaboration]

  • LIS 504 Leadership and Management Principles for Library and Information Services (Case Study): Technology and User Privacy in the Grace Greenwood Public Library

  • LIS 533 Database Design for Information Management (Term Project): Home-Based Travel Agency Database [conceptual, logical & physical design, implementation]

  • LIS 538 Digital Libraries (Greenstone): Interpretations of Tea Digital Library

  • LIS 585 Multimedia Literacies (Journal Assignment): Television, Video and New Media [fandom]; YouTube

  • LIS 598 Information Security (Final Project - 4 Papers): Acceptable Use Policy Analysis, Password Management Software Evaluation, Cloud Computing Future Forecast, Incident Report

I am looking forward to completing my program this term (Winter 2012), enrolled in more technology-focused and related courses including: LIS 534 Information Architecture: Web Design for Usability, LIS 591 Publishing, LIS 594 Records Management, LIS 598 Emerging and Innovative Technologies and LIS 598 Metadata (auditing).

Library and Information Studies is a broad and diverse field and though I have chosen a strong technological focus in the courses and projects I have taken in the MLIS program, the knowledge I have gained is applicable across disciplines and information agencies.