Implementation Plan

The Gantt timeline of the Project Schedule is detailed in Appendix I. The study would start in August 2011, with writing, editing and the final document to be completed by December 13, 2011. Interviews of participants would occur between September 12, 2011 and October 17, 2011.

The estimated cost of the study would be ~$13,500, as illustrated in Appendix J. If for any reason the study required scaling back, the researcher would use alternative hardware and software choices, such as borrowing a lap top or using an onsite computer instead of the purchase of the Apple MacBook Pro and Apple iPad 2, which would provide a cost savings of $2591.40. Another option would be to reduce the amount of hours per week a Research Assistant would be required to work for the study, which would be $2358.09 for 19 weeks, working 7 hours per week.

Essential to the study would be to interview 19 or 21 participants at locations at both the University of Alberta and the Edmonton Public Library. Transportation to all locations would be by using Edmonton Transit Services. There would be no other known associated costs with recruitment of participants and interviews at the locations chosen.