Ethics Review

Approval for the study would be required by the Faculty of Education, Augustana and Faculté St. Jean Research Ethics Board (EEASJ REB), as this research project would involve human subjects. The completed HERO ethics application is attached in Appendix A. Additionally, approval would be required by the University of Alberta for research studies involving human subjects. Appendix B includes Section 66 of the University of Alberta General Faculties Council policy manual, which outlines policies when involving human subjects in research studies on campus.

To protect participant's privacy and confidentiality, according to the above policies, pseudonyms would be assigned and used in results and in transcription of digitally recorded data. Pseudonyms would be generic first names. The researcher and one research assistant would have knowledge of the participants personal names and their corresponding pseudonyms in the participant recruitment process and during the interviews. The same research assistant would be used for transcribing services. The researcher would explain to the research assistant verbally, ethics requirements for privacy and confidentiality of participant's personal information. A hardcopy package with the same details would also be provided to the research assistant as a reference source.

A secured locker would be used to store participant-related records. During the study, digital data acquired using digital audio recorders or audio-recording software, screen recording activity software and screen capture will be deposited in an encrypted, password protected folder on a computer and a copy stored in a secure locker on an encrypted, password protected USB or DVD. After completion of the study, any data in digital form on the computer would be removed, though the USB/DVD copy would be securely stored in a filing cabinet or locker. After five years all participant records, such as letters of consent, as well as all digital data will be destroyed.

The Letter of Information, attached in Appendix C, outlines important information for participants regarding the research study's framework, scope and intentions. The Letter of Consent, attached in Appendix D informs the participant of their rights and responsibilities in the research study and acquires consent from the participant. Appendix E and Appendix F contain request letters for institutional permission for onsite research at University of Alberta Libraries and Edmonton Public Library locations. The recruitment flyer posted at University of Alberta Libraries and Edmonton Public Library locations is attached in Appendix G. Appendix H lists participant interview questions according to theme.