Dissemination Plan

The researcher would be presenting the results of this study at the Emerging Technologies for Academic Libraries conference in Trondheim, Norway, organized by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. This conference is a suitable forum to present this research study as the conference presents research on topics such as user-centric services, new literacies and mobile technologies. This study would be published in the scholarly journal Library High Tech, which focuses on computing and technology for the library community. The journal has a reputation for publishing on recent and "hot" trends in information technology and coverage includes user perspectives on technology.

Computers in Libraries is a professional publication publishing articles on the subjects of information technology and library technology for the professional librarian. This publication is a suitable forum for this research study to be published in, as the study involves information technology. An appropriate professional conference venue to present this research study would be the Computers in Libraries Conference, which is North America's largest technology conference and exhibition for professionals in library and information services. The conference concentrates on leading-edge technology and all aspects of library technology.