A Proposal to Conduct Research on the Relationship Between Aboriginals Living on Reservations in Alberta and the Public Library System

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Implementation Plan

Please see Appendix F for the Gantt chart that outlines the timeline for this project from ethics proposal to paper completion. An expanded report for submission to journals and presentations and/or posters at conferences will likely take place after the boundaries set by the Gantt chart.

If this project needs to be scaled back, the first element eliminated would be interviews at the Fox Lake Reserve due to the cost involved in reaching such a remote destination. The perspective of the community is valuable to this research and it is hoped that the grant will cover the expense, but its elimination is possible. If a second location had to be eliminated due to lack of funding, then the full research project would take place at the Enoch Cree Reserve. At this point, the research would shift from trying to find a balanced Aboriginal voice that would try to speak for a wide range of on-reservation Aboriginals in Alberta to a specific voice within the context of a reservation within close proximity to the Edmonton metropolis.

It is greatly hoped that there will be funding for at least two reservation interview sites to avoid focusing on the experiences of Aboriginals living on a single reservation.

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