A Proposal to Conduct Research on the Relationship Between Aboriginals Living on Reservations in Alberta and the Public Library System

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Ethics Review

As this research study involves the use of human participants, ethics approval for this study will be required from Faculty of Education, Extension, Augustana, and Faculté St. Jean Research Ethics Board (EEASJ REB).

The interviews will be audio-recorded and hand written notes will be taken, however steps will be taken to ensure the privacy of these documents by locking the audio tapes and handwritten notes in a filing cabinet and password-protecting the files containing the typed transcription within a password protected computer. The documents will be stored for five years after the completion of the project and then completely and ethically destroyed. The individuals participating in the project will be assigned a pseudonym at the point of transcription and only the name of the reservation they live on will be attached to that name. Although not required for ethics approval, this project will gain the approval of the various Band Elders prior to the recruitment process out of respect for their culture and to gain access to the closed community. The HERO ethics application is attached to this document in Appendix A.

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