A Proposal to Conduct Research on the Relationship Between Aboriginals Living on Reservations in Alberta and the Public Library System

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Dissemination Plan

A draft of the research will be handed in as part of a graduate class final project. The results will be submitted for consideration at conferences as well. As a result of the feedback received from these scholarly and professional conferences, the research will then be refined (and possibly expanded) to meet the criteria of publication in scholarly and professional journals. The following list is an outline of the professional and scholarly conferences and journals identified as part of the dissemination plan and reasons are given as to why these in particular were chosen.

Professional Conference

Alberta Library Association (ALA) Conference

  • As this project targets a special population within the Alberta context, this conference is ideal for disseminating the results of the study in hopes that it will inspire librarians – especially those working in public libraries located in close proximity to reservations – to re-evaluate the programs and services offered. It will also be an excellent opportunity to receive feedback from public librarians who work in these areas.

  • Scholarly Conference

    Information Ethics Roundtable (University of Arizona)

  • Although the sub-theme of the conference changes each year and it is yet unknown what the theme will be in 2012 when this research could be presented, this conference is a solid venue to present the ethical implications of providing public library services to on-reservation Aboriginals. This year's sub-theme is Information Rights as Human Rights.

  • Professional Journal

    Feliciter (CLA)

  • The last issue devoted to Aboriginal issues was in 2003 and as this journal is widely read by many Canadian librarians, it is appropriate to pursue this venue for publication. The article for Feliciter would be much shorter and concentrate on the implications of the results of the study rather than the study itself.

  • Scholarly Journals

    Public Library Quarterly

  • This scholarly journal is published in the United States and deals solely with issues relevant to public libraries. The stated mission of the journal is to address the "major administrative challenges and opportunities that face the nation's public libraries, providing insight and assistance to all public library workers" (Public Library Quarterly). My study aims to address ways in which public libraries are and are not addressing the needs of a marginalized population and is research that the editors of this journal will find valuable.

  • Canadian Journal of Native Studies

  • This bi-annually published journal is from Manitoba and would be an excellent venue for publication. It would allow the research to expand beyond the library field and into native studies, while still providing relevant and useful information to the other field.
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