A Proposal to Conduct Research on the Relationship Between Aboriginals Living on Reservations in Alberta and the Public Library System

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Semi-Structured Interview Questions

Part 1 – Background Information

  1. Have you always lived on (insert name of reservation here)?
  2. If not, ask how long and where else the person has lived.
  3. What is your education level?
  4. How would you describe your literacy level?
  5. Do you own a vehicle?
  6. If so, is it their primary mode of transportation?
    If not, what is their primary mode of transportation?

Part 2 – Attitude Toward Libraries

  1. What comes to mind when you hear the word library?
  2. Have you ever been to a public library?
  3. If no, go to question 3, then skip to question 5
    If yes, skip to question 4.
  4. What are your reasons for never having been to a public library?
  5. Which libraries have you visited?
  6. What have been your experiences visiting these libraries?
  7. Possible areas to explore: attitudes of librarians, availability of services, availability of materials sought, degree of feeling welcome, etc.
  8. How would you feel if tomorrow there were no such thing as libraries? Why?
  9. If you were to design the ideal library, what would it be and what would it look like?

Part 3 – Information Need

  1. Think of a recent time when you needed to figure out how to do something that you'd never done before. Where did you go for the information? (Possible follow up: Why?)
  2. Now think of a recent time when you had a question that you did not have the answer to. Where did you go for that information? (Possible follow up: Why?)
  3. (If libraries were never mentioned) Did you ever consider going to a library or calling a library for that information? Why or why not?
  4. When you have a question (whether it is simple or hard) how easy is it for you to get a good answer? Where do you usually turn to for the answer?
  5. Think of a time when you had a question or needed to figure out how to do something when you could not find the answer. What did you do? How did this make you feel?

Part 4 – Barriers to Information

  1. If you knew you needed to go somewhere off-reservation to get the answer to a question, how easy or difficult would it be for you to go find it? (Possible follow up: Why?)
  2. How comfortable would you feel if you had to go to a library you've never been to before and ask for help in order to solve a problem you have? (Possible follow up: Why?)
  3. Have you ever felt that your literacy level or education level has gotten in the way of you being able to solve a problem? (Possible follow up: What did you do?)
  4. Are there any services that a library could offer to you that would make you feel more comfortable or more likely to approach the library with information questions?
  5. Are there any suggestions you have for libraries that would make them better places for you or the people you know living on the (insert name of reservation here)?
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