Digital Reference for Historians

Dave Reed's Capping Project

The Project

My final capping project is a paper I wrote for my digital reference course, LIS 536. The paper discusses analyzes the information seeking habits of historians and makes recommendations about providing digitial reference services to historians. The main conclusion of the paper is that historians rely and will likely continue to rely on traditional resources. The library community, when designing digital reference services for historians, must not attempt to eliminate print resources but should instead forus on creating digital resources that will complment and supplement the traditional print resources.

That's Me!

Table of Contents


Historians' Information Seeking Habits

  • Analyzes and discusses the information seeking patterns of historians.


  • Discusses the information-seeking resources commonly used by historians.

Traditional Versus Non-Traditional Resources

  • Discusses the notion that historians will continue to use a mixture of traditional and digital resources in their information-seeking.

Digital Reference Tools

  • Begins the discussion of what strategies and tools should be used in the provision of digital reference services to historians. Online finding aids are discussed.

Virtual Reference

  • Discusses the importance of virtual reference services for historians.

Museum Internet Resources and Educating Future Historians

  • Discusses new trends in online museum resources as well as the importance of educating aspiring historians about the possibilities of digital information resources

Internet Resources