The FOIP Act Review and Records Management in Alberta


Role of the FOIP Act

Historical Controversies

A Selection of Submissions made to the Standing Committee on Health

Issue 1: Municipal Government Records

Issue 2: Treatment of Electronic Records

Issue 3: Records and Social Networking Websites

Issue 4: Concept of "Custody" vs. "Control"

Issue 5: Harmonization with Other Privacy Legislation

Review by the Standing Committee on Health




A Selection of Submissions made to the Standing Committee on Health

In order to effectively review the FOIP Act and satisfy the many concerns of Albertans, the Standing Committee on Health advertised a call for written submissions. The committee wished to hear suggestions regarding harmonizing the act with other privacy legislation, suggestions on how to modernize the act, and improving access and privacy standards, among other subjects. (Legislative Assembly of Alberta, 2010). Within the thirty six submissions submitted to the committee, a wide range of subjects relating to the act are covered. Ironically, several of the submissions (Wright, 2010; Singleton, 2010; Baran, 2010; Hamdon, 2010) encouraged an increase in the fees associated with some types of information access, a complete turnaround from the early complaints about fees being too high. Beyond the popular issue of fees, there were several key points which detail the importance and relevance of the FOIP Act and its policies in regards to records management. Some of these concerns include the creation of uniform policies, how to properly manage electronic records, and issues surrounding potential harmonization with other privacy legislation.


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