Fang Liu - ePortfolio, Winter 2011

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2005 Bachelor Graduation

This portfolio represents the culmination of my Master’s degree study of Library and Information Studies (MLIS) at University of Alberta’s School of Library and Information Studies (SLIS). It also serves as a showcase for the knowledge, perceptions and skills I have acquired in the MLIS program, and provides an opportunity for me to reflect on what I have learnt in all the 16 courses I have completed in this program and how they are related to the library and information practices.

I started the MLIS program in 2009. Before that, I received my Master of Arts degree in 2008 and Bachelor of Arts in 2005. The MLIS study is a new stage for me to explore new knowledge area and possible future career. I am so glad to find out that this program opens a door for me to a whole new world which is filled with exciting and promising experiences.

The SLIS in U of A offers students a wide range of course choices, which cover various aspects of library and information science knowledge structure. Introductions to the historical, current and potential roles of library and information professionals, theories and principles applied in the organization of knowledge and information, theories and resources for information reference services, management principles for library and information services, theories and practical designs for research, and basic computer and information technologies are all included in the six prerequisite courses, serving as foundations for the extensive volume of knowledge in advanced levels. Besides those required six courses, the other ten courses I have taken prepare me with knowledge on principles and practical resources on collection management, various theories and their application in information literacy instruction design and delivery, principles and resources on library services to children and young adults, library information services to special populations, theories and techniques of records management, issues and innovations about international librarianship, cataloguing and classification rules and practices, theories and technologies for digital libraries, and fundamental knowledge on project management, reference services on legal information, and reference services on government information.

Among all the different areas I have tried exploring during the two years’ study, I have developed interests in library and information reference services and technical aspects of the information profession, including cataloguing, digitizing project, and metadata, etc. One part of my working responsibilities during the summer job in 2010 is organizing and cataloguing digitized files, photos and maps. Records management is another area I become interested in. I have acquired quite a lot of practical and interesting knowledge on the practical principles for records management. I have also worked as a records management technician and found the job very fascinating.

Due to schedule conflicts, I have not had a chance to enrol the web design class in SLIS, and I am hoping I could still attain knowledge on that area. As a short term goal, I am planning to attend workshops on web design and database design in more advanced levels and hoping I could catch up with the most current technologies applied in those areas. As a long term goal, I am planning to do research on the area of information retrieval and reference services during my future job.

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