Personal Information Protection Act and Records Management in Alberta

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Privacy legislation and the idea of protecting one's individual information is not a new idea. Even though the Privacy Act came into force on July 1, 1983, it continues to evolve in order to meet continuing changes within technology as well as society's perception of what requires confidentiality. While it can be argued that generally, privacy legislation does impact the standard practices of records management, the question is: To what extend has the Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA) and Bill 54, its subsequent Amendment Act, impacted records management (RM) practices in Alberta? Further to this inquiry are additional queries: What are these impacts and what do they mean? In order to answer these questions, there must be recognition and acknowledgement that PIPA has indeed impacted records management. Furthermore, understanding of the full weight of the impact of PIPA and its amendments requires firstly, the examination of PIPA and Bill 54 in and of themselves and the placement of them within the context of records management practices in Alberta.

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