A Proposal to Investigate Polish Immigrants' Experiences of Public Libraries in Edmonton

Introduction and Abstract


This proposal was originally created for LIS 505: Introduction to Research, and was updated for the LIS 600 Capping Exercise. Please see the abstract below for a synopsis of the proposal.


The objective of the proposed research project is to analyze whether or not Polish immigrants' experiences in and attitudes toward public libraries in Communist Poland influence their experiences in, attitudes toward, and needs from public libraries in Edmonton. The study will use a phenomenological methodology, and semi-structured in-person interviews as its method. The expected contribution to the scholarly field lies in this study's exploration of the attitudes and needs of a seldom studied ethno-linguistic group that has a significant presence in Canada. The study will also contribute to the professional field by informing public librarians about this community's specific needs, and by suggesting possible means of helping Polish immigrants use public libraries more effectively.

Keywords: Polish immigrants, public libraries, interviews