A Proposal to Investigate Polish Immigrants' Experiences of Public Libraries in Edmonton

Dissemination Plan

Research will be disseminated by presenting the findings of the study at a scholarly, and a professional conference, as well as by publishing the findings in a scholarly, and a professional journal. The best scholarly conference venue for this study is the CAIS conference because this study deals with Polish Canadians in Canadian libraries, so it is best to present the information at a Canadian conference. This conference will take place in Fredericton between June 2 and June 4, 2011. The best scholarly journal for publication is The Canadian Journal of Information and Library Science, since this project is Canadian-oriented in its context. Presentation of the method of the study conducted in Edmonton would allow other Canadian researchers to replicate the study in other cities and determine whether its results are applicable to most Polish immigrants in Canada. It will also present scholars with a seldom-used manner of investigating immigrants' library experiences, namely studying their experiences in their countries of origin and exploring possible links to experiences in countries of settlement. The best professional conference for this study is the CLA conference because it is attended by library professionals who will be able to learn about Polish immigrants' needs before the study is printed in a journal. This conference will take place in Halifax between May 25 and May 28, 2011. The best professional journal for publication is Feliciter because it will allow library professionals who did not attend the CLA conference to find out about Polish immigrants' needs and implement changes in their libraries to suit these needs.