A Proposal to Investigate Polish Immigrants' Experiences of Public Libraries in Edmonton

Appendix G: English Informed Consent Form

Informed Consent Form for Interview Participation

You are invited to participate in an interview about your experiences with public libraries in Edmonton, as well as in Communist Poland. The purpose of this project is to analyze whether or not Polish immigrants' experiences in and attitudes toward public libraries in Communist Poland influence their experiences in, attitudes toward, and needs from public libraries in Edmonton. The findings from this project will inform public libraries in Edmonton about the specific needs of Polish immigrants, and provide recommendations as to how to address these needs. This study is being conducted by Agnieszka Hayes, a student in the MLIS program at the School of Library and Information Studies at the University of Alberta. This research is part of the requirements for her thesis supervised by Dr. Lisa Given. The findings of this project will not be used for any commercial purposes.

You will participate in one interview, which will last no longer than one hour. For your convenience and comfort, the interview will be conducted in your home. You will be asked questions by the interviewer, and you may respond however you wish to these questions. The interview will be recorded on a digital audio recorder. The interviewer will transcribe the interview verbatim from the recording. She will use whichever portions from the transcript she deems relevant in the final report of the study.

The researcher will comply with the University of Alberta Standards for the Protection of Human Research Participants, a description of which can be found at: http://www.uofaweb.ualberta.ca/gfcpolicymanual/content.cfm?ID_page=37738

There are no reasonably foreseeable harms that may arise from your participation in this project. You may potentially benefit from participating in this project by discovering more about yourself. You may also benefit by the potential improvement of experiences with public libraries.

After the researcher has collected the data, she may contact you to verify her findings. You will be asked whether or not you agree with her findings, and have the opportunity to clarify any findings that she may have misinterpreted. Your collaboration in the verification process will aid the researcher in achieving more accurate conclusions.

You have the right not to participate in this project, as well as the right to withdraw from the project at any point during the interview. You have the right to refuse to answer any question without stating a reason. You will not suffer any penalty for refusing to participate in the whole project, or any part of it. You have the right to withdraw any, including all, of your data from the project by December 28, 2010, after which point, all data will be included in the data analysis, which will inform the final report. Any data that you choose to have withdrawn will be deleted from the transcript. You have the right to privacy and anonymity. Your identity, and any other personal data, such as your contact information, will not be released to any other individual. Pseudonyms will be used on all transcripts, as well as in the final report. The transcripts will be seen only by the researcher. Your data will be stored in a secure place for five years following the completion of the project, after which they will be destroyed in a way that ensures your privacy and anonymity. You have the right to request a copy of the recorded interview, as well as the accompanying transcript. You have the right to obtain a copy of the research findings. If you wish to obtain any of these materials, please email the interviewer at agnieszka.hayes@ualberta.ca or call her at (780) 555-1234.

Other uses:
In addition to being used as part of the researcher's MLIS thesis, the findings of this study will be used for writing research articles in journals, as well as for presentations at conferences. Data for all uses will be handled in compliance with the University of Alberta Standards for the Protection of Human Research Participants, a description of which can be found at: http://www.uofaweb.ualberta.ca/gfcpolicymanual/content.cfm?ID_page=37738

Informed Consent:
If you have any concerns, complaints, or questions, please contact either Agnieszka Hayes at agnieszka.hayes@ualberta.ca or Dr. Lisa Given at lisa.given@ualberta.ca.

Ethics Approval Statement:
The plan for this study has been reviewed for its adherence to ethical guidelines and approved by the Faculties of Education, Extension, Augustana and Campus Saint-Jean Research Ethics Board (EEASJ REB) at the University of Alberta. For questions regarding participant rights and ethical conduct of research, contact the Chair of the EEASJ REB c/o (780) 492-2614.

Signature and Date:
By signing below, you are indicating that you understand what your participation in this project entails, and that you are willing to participate. There are two copies of this informed consent form, one to be signed and returned to the interviewer, and the other for you to keep for your own records.

I, ______________________ (print name), give my consent to participate in the project outlined above, and affirm that I understand what my participation entails, as well as my rights.