A Proposal to Investigate Polish Immigrants' Experiences of Public Libraries in Edmonton

Appendix D: English Snowball Sampling Recruitment Form

Information about Participation in a Study

Hello! My name is Agnieszka Hayes, and I am a student enrolled in the MLIS program at the School of Library and Information Studies at the University of Alberta. You have received this letter because a friend or relative of yours participated in my study, and thought that you might be a suitable candidate for participation.

I am investigating Polish immigrants' experiences of public libraries in Edmonton. Participation involves a one hour interview. To be eligible to participate you must be a first-generation Polish immigrant who lived in Communist Poland, and now lives in Edmonton. Should you decide to participate in this study, your anonymity would be guaranteed. Please do not think that you have to participate solely because you obtained this letter. If you do not wish to participate, I thank you for your time. If you do wish to participate, please contact me at agnieszka.hayes@ualberta.ca or (780) 555-1234. Your help is very much appreciated!


Agnieszka Hayes