Project Details - Mini-Library Web Design Project

Visual Map Description (See Figure)

Home – The home page will have the University of Alberta libraries logo on the site. A title will be listed at the top of the page, “Library Services for Distance Learners,” so that users will know their location within the website. The home page will have a brief description telling the users what the website is about. The menu choices will be listed below.

Qualify – This page will describe the requirements needed for students to have their library materials delivered to their home or office. Information regarding library cards, Campus Computing IDs (CCIDs) and the distance users must live outside the City of Edmonton will be supplied.

Register – This page will give users information on the different methods (online form, email, fax, phone, mail, and in person) they can use to register for document delivery services.

Order – Different methods are required for requesting books and articles. The procedures for requesting each will be described on separate pages. Loan periods are different for books depending on the student’s status (undergraduate, graduate, faculty) and the whether the book is a U of A copy or comes from another location.

Deliver – Users will be able to find information on how their books and articles will be delivered to them. Specific delivery information will be listed for those users who reside outside of Canada.

Renew – Renewal polices on books are different depending on the books’ supplier. The renewal policies for distance users are outlined on this page.

Return – Information on how users can return their books through the mail, in person, or to certain libraries in Alberta will be listed. Students who return books through the mail sometimes run out of packaging and mailing materials. They will get information how to order more.

Contact – Users will get contact information for document delivery services, reference services and the name of the Distance Education Librarian for any special issues that they may need to discuss.