Case Study: You Can’t Please Everyone All The Time
Mending Relationships Between Librarians and Library Technicians
Organizational Context
The Beginning
The Solution
The Dilemma
Questions For Discussion Key Learning Points

Questions For Discussion

1. The director’s idea to offer professional development opportunities to all staff members is supported by the literature. What are the strengths and weaknesses of her proposal?

2.The director experiences extreme opposition to her budget changes. Why might the librarians be upset by her proposal? What could the director have done to better prepare her staff for her proposal?

3. Healing the division between librarians and library technicians is a complex task that will not happen overnight. What can the director do now to build support for her proposal? What else can the new director do to help rebuild staff relationships and morale?

Case study written by Lisa Shamchuk for LIS 504 (Leadership and Management Principles for Library and Information Services). Wordle created and website coded for LIS 600 (Capping Exercise), as part of the Master of Library and Information Studies program at the University of Alberta. Modified February 27, 2010.