Case Study: You Can’t Please Everyone All The Time
Mending Relationships Between Librarians and Library Technicians
Organizational Context
The Beginning
The Solution
The Dilemma
Questions For Discussion
Key Learning Points

Case Study: In the social and medical sciences, analysis of the behaviour of one individual in a population, or a single event in a series, based on close observation over a period of time, often to reveal principles underlying individual behaviour or events in general. "Case Study." ODLIS - Online Dictionary for Library and Information Science, n.d. Web. 5 Dec. 2009.

Case studies are written summaries or syntheses of real-life or fictional scenarios that are used as thinking or training tools. Case studies require the reader to think about the key issues presented, and analyze the facts based on theory, other literature and their own experience. The reader may then recommend an appropriate resolution or answer to the issue being discussed.

This case study was written for LIS 504: Leadership and Management Principles for Library and Information Services. The situation, library and characters are fictional.

Case study written by Lisa Shamchuk for LIS 504 (Leadership and Management Principles for Library and Information Services). Wordle created and website coded for LIS 600 (Capping Exercise), as part of the Master of Library and Information Studies program at the University of Alberta. Modified February 27, 2010.