Step 1: Original Term List

The initial stage of this thesaurus construction was to pull indexable terms from fifteen subject statements (Appendix 1). These subject statements are meant to be a summarization of the types of articles that would appear in the database which this thesaurus would be for. Pulling out subject terms seemed like a fairly simple process at the outset. However, after I had started going through the statements I realized there were some major decisions to be made. For instance, there had to be some level of judgment based around compound terms. For example, I had to decide whether or not to leave the term small-scale digital libraries as it is or break it up into two terms, small-scale and digital libraries. I ultimately chose the later because I felt that the two terms could be managed separately.

Another issue I came across was whether or not to include terms such as ideas and future. I debated on whether or not these could be considered indexable concepts. In the end, I decided to include them at this stage and see what happened with the terms through the construction steps and would ultimately make a final decision in the last step, the final term selection.

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