I chose to use this assignment for my capping exercise because I learned a lot about the process involved behind knowledge organization and I enjoyed having the opportunity to create a working thesaurus. I took LIS 535, "Advanced Topics in the Organization of Knowledge", because I really wanted to gain a more in-depth knowledge about how information is organized. I found the theories and concepts that were taught in LIS 502, "Organization of Knowledge and Information", to be useful and wanted to continue on in my study of this area. Since, knowledge organization is one of the fundamental principles of librarianship, I thought it would be important to learn as much about it as possible during my two years. I enjoyed doing this assignment because I found it provided a good practical application for what we had been covering in class. The assignment involved the construction of a small thesaurus based on fifteen original subject statements anchored in the field of library and information studies. Going through all of the steps involved in creating a thesaurus helped me understand the process of knowledge organization and I discovered how much of it is subjective. This assignment taught me how a thesaurus works and how important consistency is when creating any sort of controlled vocabulary.

Through my time in the MLIS program, I have learned that librarianship is a very multi-faceted field and incorporates a wide variety of subjects and disciplines. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the myriad of different aspects of library science and feel as though this knowledge will definitely help me in the future. I will take away a great deal of practical and theoretical knowledge from this program and I am excited to be able to utilize it in my career as a professional librarian.