Appendix 2: Facet Analysis

Entities (By Characteristics) Entities (By function) Actions/Activities
Abstract Entities Agents Process/Functions
Evolution Institutions Instruction
Ideas Rural reference libraries Reference and information services
Library and information science School library Story-time
Evidence-based librarianship Academic library Inter-library loan
History Children's library Recommendations
Metadata Community college libraries  
Library of Congress Classification Digital libraries Operations
  Media centres Classifying
  Public libraries Indexing
Artifacts Library school Archiving
Catalogue cards   Ordering
Community newspapers People/Groups Designing
Scholarly journals Dads Evaluating
Antiquities Moms Bibliometric analysis
Catalogue Physically handicapped Discourse analysis
OPAC Seniors Health research
Internet technologies Toddlers  
DVD-technology Undergraduates Space
Video programs Knowledge brokers Canadian
Web sites   Britain
  Equipment North America
  Computer Northern Alberta
Small-scale End products Time
  Statistics 1990-2000
  Mission statements Future

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