Research Problem

The goal of this study is to identify the barriers in marketing available library services toward new immigrant populations in urban Canadian libraries. This study will focus its research on the Edmonton Public Library and the Edmonton community. Existing research examines the development of services targeted toward new Canadians but does not explore marketing strategies to inform ethno-cultural groups services being offered. Most of the studies examining library use of newcomers are conducted in the United States and focus on Latin American Immigrants. This researched will examine a population centre not regularly studied in the literature and is populated with a variety of different cultural communities.

The purpose of this study is to interpret the level of awareness of Edmonton Public Library’s marketing strategy among new Canadians and evaluate various perceptions of these marketing initiatives. Results of this study may be helpful in planning marketing campaigns toward new Canadians in the future. It uses a qualitative framework because it will be interpreting opinions, emotions, and experiences of the group studied

Although this study is restricted to a limited geographic area, this study will benefit LIS study by examining a population centre that is more diverse culturally than populations covered in other sources. Additionally it will combine the two popular topics of multicultural library service and the marketing of library service to create a unique study.