Ethics Review

This research study will require ethics approval to be granted by the Faculty of Education, Augustana and Faculte` St. Jean Research Ethics Board (EEASJ REB). Approval of the University of Alberta is required in order to use human subjects in research. Section 66 of the GFC standards for the protection of human research participants is attached in Appendix B. A completed example of this document can be found attached in Appendix A. In order to ensure the confidentiality of participant’s pseudonyms will be assigned and used to identify the person in the recorded data. These pseudonyms will consist of the interviewee’s nation of origin followed by a number (ie Sudan 1..Sudan 2 etc.) The Data storage of audio-recordings and the transcripts of these recording will be kept in a safe confidential place for a period of five years. Confirmation of this and the method of disposal of the associated data are clearly outlined in the Letter of Information attached as Appendix C. The need for oral consent of the participants is indicated in both the Letter of Information and Letter of Consent. These documents can be found in Appendix C and Appendix D respectively. Public space may need to be used in order to recruit and interview participants. The Permission of On-site Research Form is attached in Appendix G.