For the purpose of this study the term barriers will refer to impediments or obstacles in providing and marketing library services to new Canadians.

Edmonton Public Library.

Freedom to Read Week:
A week in late February which celebrates the freedom to read in Canada. Events nationwide are organized by libraries and the Book and Periodical Council.

Information and referral (I&R):
"A service available at the public library which provides information in order to contact other organizations which are qualified to offer information or a specific service."(Reitz, 2007)

Information need:
"A gap in a person's knowledge that, when experienced at the conscious level as a question, gives rise to a search for an answer." (Reitz, 2007)

Marketing plan or marketing initiative:
"A strategic direction taken by a library or organization to persuade potential library users into taking advantage of library services. The library would attempt to achieve this through community outreach and promotion. A library marketing plan is influenced by corporate marketing practices." (Reitz, 2007)

Multi-cultural Outreach:
Library programs and services designed to meet the information needs of various ethno-cultural groups.

New/recent immigrants:
Although the term new or recent immigrant can be ambiguous, for the purposes of this study the definition of the term is an individual who came to Canada from their nation of origin since 1990. These limitations of the term "recent immigrant" were given by Susan Burke in her article Library Resources Used by Immigrant Households. (2008)

Non-traditional library service:
This term refers to services offered by the library other the circulation or lending of books, magazines, audio visual items, etc. Examples may include hosting special events, book clubs, or social gatherings.

"Library programs and services designed to meet the information needs of users who are unserved or underserved." (Reitz, 2007)