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Author: Bilal, Dania

Title: Perspectives on children’s navigation of the World Wide Web: does the type of search task make a difference?

Source: Online Information Review vol. 26 n. 2 p. 108-117

Date of Publication: 2002

ISSN: 1468-4527

Affiliations: School of Information Sciences, University of Tennessee-Knoxville

Descriptor Terms (Major): Search Strategies, Middle School Students, Information Needs, Search Engines, User Needs (Information), Online Searching

Descriptor Terms (Minor): Qualitative Research, Statistical Analysis, Information Literacy, Emotional Experience

Identifiers: East Tennessee, Yahooligans!

Abstract: Questionnaires and exit interviews conducted with middle school students in East Tennessee focused in the information-seeking behaviour and success using the Yahooligans! Search engine to complete three tasks: self-generated, fact-based, and research-oriented. Results show that in terms of success, 73% of students were more successful with the self-generated task. Students used keyword searches most often for the fact-based and self-generated more often for the self-generated tasks. Students used browsing more often for the self-generated task. Search looping and hyperlink looping was more prevalent in the fact-based task. Backtracking was most common in the fact-based task, as well. Students made more Web moves in the self-generated task while it took them more time to complete the fact-based task. More students preferred the self-generated task over the others. The results cannot definitely determine that Web search engines are better information-seeking tools for fact-finding tasks. Due to the many obstacles confronting students in the study, it is recommended that more education is provided regarding how to search for information. (AF)