This assignment was completed for LIS 593, Archives Administration. The goal of the assignment in archives administration was to discuss an aspect of archives' past, present and future. I chose to write about access because of the many factors that affected access to records. I also chose this topic because I found it interesting that people's access to records was affected by politics and external influences.

Access is not just an issue for archives; it is a widespread issue throughout the area of librarianship. Often access is discussed in relation to libraries, but it is important to realize that other institutions that deal with information management also experience problems with access. As with librarianship, there are many factors that affect the ability to access records in an archive. This paper introduced me to access issues that are problematic for both archives and libraries. I found it interesting that even though libraries and archives differ in what they house, the factors affecting access are very similar. Through this paper I was able to apply aspects of intellectual freedom that I learned in LIS 501 to a non-library setting. The archives course showed me that it is not just libraries that deal with issues in intellectual freedom.

The class on archives administration was important for my future career goals because it helped me to realize that although my degree is in library and information studies, I am not limited to working in a library. There are many other information management institutions, and this class has opened me up to the idea of a career outside of a library. It was important for me to realize that the scope of my degree is not limited to a library, this realization opened up many more career opportunities for me.