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Introduction to Track Changes:

An Instructional Session

by Melinda Spears

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Goals & Objectives

Lesson Plan

Documents for Teaching Class

Theoretical Concerns & Discussion

Capping Exercise Reflection


The final requirement for the Master of Library and Information Studies program at the University of Alberta is a capping exercise (LIS 600). Students are required to select their best work and publish it to the internet. I have chosen to showcase my instructional session from the course Instructional Strategies for Library & Information Professionals (LIS 526). The instructional session assignment consisted of a 20 minute teaching session and a written report which included goals and objectives, a lesson plan, a take-home exercise, an evaluation form and a reflective discussion.

Session Setting

Because I have an interest in teaching information literacy at a college level, I designed my instructional session for a first year management class in a community college. The college name and management course I refer to are fictitious. However, I tried to make the assignment as realistic as possible.

The setting of this instructional session takes place in the Dernby College Library computer lab. The first year management students have recently been given a collaborative project where they will be required to edit each others work and come up with a final document. I am a new and energetic librarian looking for ways to reach out and help the students. The management instructor and I saw a need for making this collaborative writing process go smoother for the students, and I suggested a Track Changes instructional session.

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