Designing a New Children's Space for the Fort St John Public Library

by Lesley Kok



Community Survey

Library Requirements & Justifications for Planning Decisions


Appendix A

Appendix B

Capping Paper


In conclusion there are many things to consider when planning a library space. It is always important to know your user population and plan for growth. A well planned library will serve its community for many years fostering lifelong learning and the importance of education in children. It is also important to consult the experts in the field and to see what other libraries have done. The key is to have a creative and fun space that most importantly is functional and meets the needs of the people it serves. I feel that the children’s space I have proposed for the Fort St John Public Library would be a very workable space that would help draw children into the space and solidify the lifelong friendship with the library.

Last updated: March 15 2008
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Some of this project was fictional due to the lack of information on actual size of the building and collection. However the demographics of the city are real.