The Canopy

Addition of Third Floor to Capilano College Library:

Conceptualization, Planning, and Proposal.

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The Canopy (Capping Exercise)

This website was created by George Villavicencio to fulfill the requirements of the LIS 600 Capping Exercise, the final course in the Master of Library and Information Studies (SLIS) program at the University of Alberta. Reformatted for the web, and modeled after the Capilano College Library's web site, The Canopy. Addition of Third Floor to Capilano College Library: Conceptualization, Planning, and Proposal was prepared from the LIS 587 Facilities Planning for Libraries and Information Centres final assignment (Fall 2007 term).

The original proposal is presented via THE CANOPY link in its entirety, with hyperlinks and image files added where appropriate. A short reflective piece follows, and relevant contact info has been provided via the CONTACTS link.

The LIS 587 Planning Project was evaluated at 50% of the course’s final mark. Students were asked to produce a practical planning project within the course’s scope and were required to include a community survey, drawn plans (to scale), and a justification which would be evaluated from the point of view of an administrator, architect, or builder. More than simply an exercise in creative writing (though it was that too!) this assignment allowed students to apply and investigate course concepts through a library setting of their own choosing.

I chose a library near and dear to my heart- my place of employment, Capilano College Library in North Vancouver, British Columbia. I took this opportunity to investigate a hypothetical expansion of the library into the existing third floor of the Library Building. My personal experience and intimate knowledge of the library, its community, and place within Capilano College, however, focused me towards a more factual than invented analysis of the library’s needs. The result was a successful paper and plausible proposal I am proud to share with my colleagues here at SLIS and back home at Capilano College.

I welcome, and look forward to, your feedback on this assignment.

With heartfelt thanks to both Capilano College and the University of Alberta’s School of Library and Information Studies for all the support I received these past few years- George Villavicencio.


Disclaimer: The Canopy Proposal is a hypothetical work created for LIS 587 and published here to satisfy requirements of LIS 600 Capping Exercise. This plan has not been approved by the Capilano College Library’s administration. At the time of writing the author was not affiliated with Capilano College. Any errors and omissions are solely the author’s.