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About This Site
This web-site is a digital representation of a project prepared for the course LIS 526: Instructional Strategies for Library and Information Professionals, at the School of Library and Information Studies at the University of Alberta.

The aim of the assignment was to provide experience in organizing and conducting an instructional session. To do this, students were required to plan, design and present a presentation which taught a particular tool or skill.

For my project, I choose to create an instructional session that was intended to teach staff at a small library how to use the online bookmarking tool Several public libraries have used this tool to create their web resource guides. Web resource guides are a part of their reference services and direct patrons to web-sites that are useful, reliable, and authoritative. Others have used it to create internal guides providing links to resources that are pertinent to librarians and library staff. Because it is free and easy to use, is an ideal tool for this type of initiative.

Materials that were developed for this session include:

  • Lesson Plan: This is an outline of the instructional session. I have added some information (topic, materials and equipment, etc.), but the lesson plan itself is unaltered
  • Point-of-Use Guide: The point-of-use guide was created to act as a quick reference for adding bookmarks to
  • Take-home exercise: This was designed to evaluate how effective the instruction session was
  • Evaluation: This was created to give participants an opportunity to provide feedback on the instruction session
  • Final report: The final report was designed to allow me to outline my planning process and to reflect on my learning experience.

The capping (reflective) paper required for this course is also included here.

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This web-site has been prepared to fulfill the requirements of LIS 600, the final course in the Master of Library and Information Studies program. For more information, please refer to the About page.

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