Tagging with Flickr:

a Learning Session for Librarians


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Final Report

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This website presents a project prepared for LIS 526: Instructional Strategies for Library and Information Professionals, at the School of Library and Information Studies at the University of Alberta.

The project, an instructional session called Tagging with Flickr, consists of a lesson plan, a participant handout, a take-home exercise, a session evaluation for participants to complete, and a final report. The intended audience for this session is librarians, particularly college or university librarians.

This website has been prepared in fulfillment of the requirements of LIS 600, the final course in the Master of Library and Information Studies program. The capping (reflective) paper required for this course is also included here.

Site last updated: 15 March 2007. Contact: sarah.polkinghorne@ualberta.net.