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The Black Swan database design project was created for LIS 598: Database Design and Management. This project describes the processes needed for creating a database, from capturing requirements to implementation.

The database was created in MS-Access for a fictional organization originally called Black Swan Publishing. Since I wanted to use some original artwork, I've changed the name of the organization to Sunflower Press, as black swans are not easy to find and photograph! The picture of the sunflower on the website was taken with my digital phone camera at Superstore. The database is not available online, but I've included screen shots and short snippets of code used in its implementation.

The organizational overview of Sunflower Press which is presented in this project is based on the real academic publishing practices of a small publishing firm in England. However, all names have been changed and the details surrounding the company are completely fictitional.

This project was originally produced by Paula Mello McClure in the winter of 2007 for LIS 598 (Database Management) at the School of Library and Information Studies, University of Alberta. It was subsequently reformatted as a Web Site to fulfill the Capping Exercise requirement toward the degree of Master of Library and Information Studies
Paula Mello McClure