†By K.P. Ismond M.Sc., M.L.I.S.

Marketing Reference Services in

Academic Libraries


This website has been developed by the author in partial fulfillment of the Masters of Library and Information Studies degree at the University of Alberta in 2006.


The essay presented herein was originally created as part of the coursework for LIS 503óReference and Information Services.


The essay argues that academic libraries and their references services are in jeopardy of being considered as historical sites by administrators, staff, and students. Technological advances and the pervasiveness of the Internet has considerably changed the way in which people approach and solve their information needs. Likewise, reference services have also adapted to the new environment but fail to inform their potential users about their new roles and abilities. By engaging in formal marketing activities, academic libraries can re-establish their usefulness and raison díÍtre within the campus environment.


Last updated on December 15, 2006.