The Ron Whistance-Smith

Rare and Antique Map Room

located in the

University of Alberta Libraries William C. Wonders Map Collection

Proposal Introduction

The following design proposal was drafted and presented for the Facillities Planning course offered by the School of Library and Information Studies instructed by Judy Moore during the 2006 fall semester.

A Special Collections Map Room was initially conceived by the University of Alberta Libraries administration several years ago to house the rare and antique holdings of the William C. Wonders Map Collection. The dedicated room will provide a controlled environment for maps, atlases, globes, and cartographic materials in order to protect these archival treasures from damage caused by excessive handling, environmental factors, or patron theft. It will also provide a space adjacent to the main collection to showcase the rare treasures and special features included in the omnibus of cartographic materials.

Ron Whistance-Smith served the University Map Collection for 25 years as the Map Curator. Ron expanded the collection under the direction and with the encouragement of Dr. Wonders from its meager and scattered holdings in 1971. Together they created the largest academic collection of cartographic materials in Canada. The collection is ranked within the top five Map Libraries in North America both for the volume of its holdings and for the Special Collections that were Ron's passion.

Upon his death from cancer in 2003 the University Libraries administration revisited the issue of establishing a Special Collections Map room dedicated in Ron's name. Ron had bequethed a large personal collection of books, maps, and atlases to the University Libraries; many of these materials were of a rare or antique nature and of significant value both academically and monitarily. Dedicating a special collections room in his memory is a fitting tribute to recognizing his efforts for promoting and improving the University Libraries, specifically in the Map Collection.

This proposal project is dedicated to my father, Ron Whistance-Smith. It has been submitted to the University of Alberta Libraries administration for consideration in the actual design planning for the Special Collections Map Room.

The website is organized for navigation by major topic headings as presented in the proposal. This site utilizes the color scheme suggested for the Map Room decor using a cascading style sheet to maintain consistency of page layout and navigation. All coding was done by hand without the aid of site builder programs such as Dreamweaver or Frontpage. The site has been checked for XML compliance using the W3C Markup Validation Service to check the handcoded HTML. Formatting of content is best viewed using Internet Explorer browser. Appendixed images can be viewed in either HTML format or as pdf file images for higher resolution.

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Original Work by

Douglas Whistance-Smith

Created for LIS 587: Facillities Planning: December 2006
Revised for LIS 600: Capping Project: March 2007
for the School of Library and Information Studies
at the University of Alberta