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Taking Comfort From Copyright:

An Examination Of Open-Access Peer Reviewed Internet Based Journals

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Librarians have dealt with change over time. They will continue to do so in the future. Libraries’ reliance on “E” environment information sources will continue to grow. That will require that librarians develop new skill sets in terms of collecting, maintaining and organizing information. Their role as archivists who preserve and conserve information will remain the same, but will acquire new dimensions (Woodward, 156). David Prosser, the director of SPARC Europe, and a librarian at Oxford University Library Services, feels that the profession only has one option: that is to embrace the use of open–access, peer reviewed web-based journals with open arms (1).

All of the problems and questions left open ended above will be resolved. Librarians can cope with this new medium. They will develop the requisite skills. The only real question is will they buy into the use of these journals now, or will they wait until the problems and questions outlined above have been resolved? It is recommended that libraries wait until the whole area settles a bit more before making wholesale commitments to involvement in this area, if for no other reason than discovering what the true long term costs will be.

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