Readers' Advisory for Children and Young Adults

An Instructional Session by Tanya Rogoschewsky

Questions to Ask your Reader

There are no right or wrong questions to ask as long as they encourage the student to talk about what they like and dislike. Here are some questions to get you started:

- What type of book are you looking for?
- What are your favorite books?
- Do you have a favorite author?
- What are your favorite movies, television shows, games, magazines?
- What other stuff do you like (sports, animals, magic, science, etc.)
- What do you dislike in a book?
- How long a book?
- What sort of genre do you like?
- Do you want a book about one character or multiple characters?
- Do you want a book that is action packed or a slower book
- What type of ending do you like?

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Last Updated: March 20, 2006.