Readers' Advisory for Children and Young Adults

An Instructional Session by Tanya Rogoschewsky

Exercises to Develop Your Skills

Review the following imaginary scenarios. Using one or more of the available advisory books and the available information, suggest books for each of the scenarios. Try to suggest more than one.

1. Nicholas is 8 years old and an avid reader. His favorite books is I was a Rat by Philip Pullman. He likes books about magic, monsters and adventure, especially ones that are also funny. His favorite sport is baseball. He hates books about school and history.

2. Shelby is 14 years old and needs a book for her class book report. She says doesnít read much, but she is often in the library looking at the teen fashion magazines. Her book report is in a week and she is not a quick reader. Her favorite TV show is Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

3. Mrs. Norten teaches grade five. She would like a book that she can read out loud to her class. The last two books have featured central boy characters so she wants a book about a girl this time. Mrs. Norten prefers to read books to her class that are set in the present and will help the students learn how to confront real world problems.

4. Scott is sixteen. He has never read that much, but he is going a long car trip with his parents and they said heíd better bring a book. He liked the Lord of the Rings movies a lot, but found that the books were kind of boring. He liked the Stars Wars films a lot too and likes playing action/adventure computer games. He says that the books he has to read in school are dull because they are all preachy, or set in the past or having boring characters.

5. Charlotte is 9. She has a pet rabbit and would love to own a horse. She reads a fair bit and really likes series books, but is tired of the cat series (she canít remember the title, but the first book was called Into the Wild ). She really loved the movie the Princess Diaries and she liked the movie Ella Enchanted . She doesnít like reading books about boys. She also doesnít understand why everyone is so excited about Harry Potter. Books about magic donít interest her.

6. Brian is 11 years old, but his teacher has told you that he is reading almost 2 grade levels below his age. Brian needs to find a book to read during silent reading time, but he really hates reading. He says he thinks that most books are girlish. He likes monster trucks and football. His favorite TV show is Crocodile Hunter.

7. Emily is 13. She canít remember a book she has really liked, although her teacher used to read her Gordon Korman books out loud in grade seven and she thought those were pretty funny. Her favorite television shows are the O.C. and Desperate Housewives. She needs to find a book for a book report and it has to be an historical fiction book. It can be about any time period. She thinks that the days of King Arthur sound interesting. She definitely doesnít want a thick book. She also doesnít want anything set in the last 100 years.

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