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Lesson Plan

Needs Assessment:

The research team of this nonprofit organization now has a new resource centre. They need to know what materials are available to them, the kinds of resources that are available, and how they can find out what resources are available to them.


Provide the research team with the knowledge needed to access the wealth of information that is available to them, and to stress the importance of generating relevant synonyms in their search strategies.


1.The research team will become aware of what materials are available.

2.The research team will understand the Library of Congress subjects hierarchy to facilitate their searching and browsing

3.The research team will understand how to manipulate the catalog and perform searches. This will include choosing appropriate synonyms for their search terms.

Resources Needed:

Computer terminal will be needed for instructor with connection to LED projector and Internet access, as well as PowerPoint software.

Screen for projection.

Large paper pad and markers for generating keywords during exercise.



  • welcome
  • who I am, what I do
  • Background

  • New Resource Centre
  • The problem with the old ‘system’
  • My challenge
  • To fulfill objective One:

  • kinds of resources
  • monographs
  • audio visual resources
  • periodicals
  • articles
  • ephemera: pamphlets, brochures, posters
  • translated into four main areas of the collection: books, magazines, resource boxes, resource binders
  • To fulfill objective Two:

    Library of Congress Classification

  • books (main area of collection) have been organized into LCC
  • overview of LCC
  • Browsing
  • physical shelves or catalog
  • by library of congress subject categories
  • when searching for general subject
  • use example: info on history of Edmonton
  • resource boxes: history, Edmonton
  • resource binder: history
  • To fulfill objective Three

  • subject headings
  • will search all areas of catalog, including books, resource binders, resource boxes
  • what terms to search with
  • need to generate synonyms
  • Generating synonyms

  • broader terms
  • narrower terms
  • Activity

  • To help research team understand the importance of generating synonyms when performing a search (objective three).
  • Keyword and synonym challenge, Including narrower and broader terms to stress the LCC subject hierarchy:
    • Evaluation

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