Understanding ESL/International Studentsí Experiences Using Canadian Academic Libraries: A Proposal
Review of Related Literature
Research Questions
Data Collection
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Research Problem

The Goal of this study is to investigate ESL/International studentsí experiences of using Canadian academic libraries within the framework of the Association of College and Research Librariesí five standards of information literacy (see appendices) to determine if (or to what degree) ESL/International Students at the University of Alberta are information literate. The study will gather information about what the studentsí perceive to be difficulties in using Canadian libraries and what they believe might help overcome these difficulties. There has been extensive research done in this field by Americans, or with an American focus; however, there is little research that has been done with a Canadian focus.

It is hoped that this study will offer Canadian academic libraries an understanding of the difficulties ESL/International students face using the library. Also, it is hoped that this study will inspire other Canadian researchers to study this topic.

This study is part of the general area of research problems about ESL/International students, reference service to diverse communities, and information literacy in academic libraries.