Understanding ESL/International Studentsí Experiences Using Canadian Academic Libraries: A Proposal
Research Problem
Review of Related Literature
Research Questions
Data Collection
Ethics Review
Dissemination Plan
Project Budget

Implementation Plan

Please see timeline chart in appendices
21/8-28/8: Submit proposal to REB for ethics approval
21/8-28/8: Flyers go up around campus
28/8-11/9: Active recruitment of participants
28/8-11/9: search for new literature
28/8-18/9: Choose participants and schedule interviews
4/9-18/9: Book Knowledge Common conference rooms
4/9-6/11: Interviews (approximately 5 a week for 9 weeks)
18/9-25/9: Take down flyers
18/9-11/13: Transcriber
2/10-6/11: Search for new literature
6/11-18/12: Compare transcriptions to original data
6/11-18/12: Code transcripts
18/12-1/1: Write proposal
1/1-1/8: Submit Proposal (deadline January 15) to CAIS
1/1-2/4: Write research paper and abstract
5/2-12/3: Search for new literature
2/4-9/4: Submit full paper and abstract to CAIS
28/5-4/6: CAIS conference
4/6-18/6: Re-write research for Feliciter

If only partial funding is available and the project needs to be scaled back, the researcher will do some or all of the transcriptions herself. The researcher could cut some money from office supplies. For example, the researcher owns an old micro cassette recorder that could be used. Due to the diversity of the targeted population it would not be possible to cut back on the number of participants, without compromising transferability and dependability. The researcher would prefer to keep the remuneration for participants in the budget. Students are very busy, and they should be compensated for their time. The amount is not enough to compromise the free consent of the participants, but it should be enough that they will look forward to the interview and show up for it.

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