Understanding ESL/International Students’ Experiences Using Canadian Academic Libraries: A Proposal
Research Problem
Review of Related Literature
Research Questions
Data Collection
Ethics Review
Implementation Plan
Project Budget

Dissemination Plan

The research findings will be disseminated at the 2007 Canadian Association of Information Science (CAIS) conference, and then published in The Canadian Journal of Information and Library Science, and Feliciter. In 2007, the CAIS conference will be held May 31 to June 3, 2007. CAIS is a well-established conference that is a forum for a variety of issues related to the field. They are especially receptive to research on new topics, and this study is one that has not been done in Canada. The researcher will submit an abstract for approval and to be refereed. The final paper will be published in the proceedings and presented at the conference. The Canadian Journal of Information and Library Science publishes a variety of articles, including research papers. The papers are peer-reviewed. On the journal's Web site, they state that: “The journal is concerned with research findings, understanding of issues in the field, and understanding of the history, economics, technology, or human behavior of information or library systems and services”. The journal would be a good forum for this research paper because it is peer-reviewed. It is also Canadian, and the focus of this study is within the Canadian context. The editors are all faculty at various library schools across Canada. In this journal, the paper would reach the desired audience of Canadian library researchers.

The other desired audience for this research is professional librarians in Canada. Feliciter is a well-respected professional journal. It would be easy to rework the findings from the research paper, into a 2-page article. The purpose of this study is to heighten Canadian librarians' awareness of the difficulties their ESL/International students are facing, and an article in Feliciter is the surest way to achieve that goal.