A Proposal to Study Public Library Borrowers' Experiences With
& Attitudes Toward Self-Checkout Systems

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Ethics Review

Ethics approval will be needed for this project from the Faculty of Education and Extension Research Ethics Board (REB). Please see the following .pdf* files for components of the Ethics Application:

Appendix 1: Application for Ethics Review of Proposed Research (Part I)

Appendix 2: Procedures for Compliance with the UofA Standards (Part IV)

Appendix 3: Information Letter to the Participant

Appendix 4: Consent Form for the Participant

Appendix 5: A copy of the poster for solicitation of participants

Appendix 6: A copy of the flyer for solicitation of participants;
A copy of the text that will appear at the bottom of the self-checkout receipts

Appendix 7: A copy of the sample Interview Guide for "Traditional Users"

Appendix 8: A copy of the sample Interview Guide for "Self-checkout Users"

Appendix 9: A copy of the Confidentiality Agreement for Research Personnel

Appendix 10: A copy of a sample letter to the CEO of a potential research site, requesting permission for on-site research.

Viewing these files requires you to have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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