A Proposal to Study Public Library Borrowers' Experiences With
& Attitudes Toward Self-Checkout Systems

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Dissemination Plan

In disseminating the findings from this study, two key journals would include Public Library Quarterly and Feliciter.

Public Library Quarterly is a peer-reviewed journal that examines "best practices and models to improve service" as well as "how new technology works in practice" (Haworth Press 2005). The study proposed here has these two commitments in mind as well and so if it were published in this journal, it is likely that the findings would reach a large audience to whom the findings are pertinent. Additionally, Public Library Quarterly is indexed in 20 places, giving articles published there a greater chance of being retrieved by researchers and students.

Feliciter is another important choice for dissemination of the findings of this study. When submitting to Feliciter, the article would place less emphasis on the research method and more emphasis on how the findings are important to Canadian public libraries and providing service to Canadian patrons. Because there are a lot of rural libraries in Canada that may be considering self-checkout terminals or may be moving toward that model in the future, this would be a great way to reach a target audience of those who have not yet implemented this technology so they can learn from other practices to shape their own.

A conference that would provide an important point of dissemination for this study's findings is the Public Library Association's annual conference. The Public Library Association (PLA) is a division of the American Library Association and holds a conference every two years. Because their next conference requires proposals to be submitted by November 30, 2004, this study would have to be proposed for presentation at the 2008 conference (Public Library Association 2005). There is little at the PLA Conference website about the 2008 conference; however, there is mention that the 2004 conference drew 10,000 visitors and in sheer volume, this would be an important venue for dissemination. Given the association's mission to enhance public library staff and services, the findings of this study add an important perspective to both of these goals (Public Library Association 2005).

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