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The government of Alberta provides the following statistics2:


  • 362 municipalities in Alberta.
  • 290 municipalities provide municipal library service.
  • 259 municipalities provide a system level of service.
  • 59 municipalities do not provide any level of library service.

Library Boards and Service Points

  • 232 municipal and community library boards responsible for serving Albertans.
  • 7 regional library systems serving 227 libraries.
  • 309 library service points across Alberta.
  • 124 of these service points/libraries serve less than 1200 people.
In Year 2002
  • There are 243 library boards responsible for serving Albertans.
  • There are 308 library service points across Alberta from Acme to Zama.
  • There are seven regional library systems in the province. There are 230 participating municipalities.
  • 2,917,444 Albertans have access to a public library. This is 97.5% of the total provincial population.
  • There are over eight million (8,033,201) books in Alberta's public libraries.
  • There are 2.75 library items in stock per capita served.
  • Albertans borrowed 30,571,656 items from public libraries.
  • Alberta libraries annually circulate 10.48 items from public libraries.
  • Reference questions:
    • 6,473,749 reference questions.
    • Albertans asked 4,953,399 in-house reference questions.
    • Albertans also asked 1,520,350 online reference questions.
  • Operating grants to public libraries was $14,461,114.
  • Municipal contributions to public libraries amounted to $64,011,477. Other income totaled $14,060,011 (from fines, fees and other grants).
  • Public libraries/systems spent $14,841,175 on library materials.
  • There were 1,413 full-time employees in public libraries.

2 Government of Alberta Website, Community Development, Accessed June 11, 2005.

This paper was originally written in June 2005 to fulfill course requirements for Facilities Planning (LIS 587), at the School of Library and Information Studies, University of Alberta. It was converted to HTML to fulfill the requirements of the Capping Exercise (LIS 600).

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