Evaluation of Thesaurus Enhanced Search Systems
Features BHI UKDA
Browsing/searching Yes: need to search before browsing Yes: need to search before browsing
Help FunctionYes: a separate window with information about the types of displays and some other information -does not explain how to go from thesaurus to databaseNo: there is an outside link that could provide help, but within the context of the database there is no help. There is also little information on the page describing how to use it
Adding terms to search statement-use the boxes to select the term. Then the user can either continue browsing the thesaurus or use the button in the left to AND or OR the terms together and search the database.
-can include narrower terms but must choose individually
-to search the term currently being viewed just click on the button at the bottom of the page.
To search for all of the narrower or related terms as well check the box first. There is no direct way to continue browsing and then search unrelated terms.
-can include narrower terms
Tick box/ other featuresYes; boxes addressed in last questionYes: boxes addressed in last question
Relationship display-text format
-does not display relationships not involved with current term
-not all terms have relationships
-no scope notes
-table format
-full table there, even when empty
-did not find unrelated terms
-rare scope notes
Types of displaysAlphabetical, Hierarchical, Rotated Alphabetical, Hierarchical, Rotated, KWIC
Advanced featuresSystem of moving between search/thesaurus very complexNo
Explicit Boolean OperatorsYesNo: OR is implicit in the first search (separate results for each word)

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