The Learning Resources Centre: Assessing and Restructuring Library Space

Appendix D:

Suggested guidelines for space allocation

Table B.7.2:   Individual seating, lounge chair    =2.787 m

Table B.7.2:   Computer stations      =3.716 m

Table B.7.2:   Individual seating, carrel      =2.323 m

Table B.9:    Individual seating, table for 4      =2.32m

Table B.16:   Suggested aisle width for open stacks     =40 or 1.016 m

Table B.16:   Suggested aisle width for wheel chair access      =44 or 1.118 m

Table C.1:    Student seating      =1.858 m

Source: Leighton, Philip D. and David C. Weber. Planning Academic and Research Library Buildings