The Learning Resources Centre: Assessing and Restructuring Library Space

II. Key issues

The Learning Resources Centre (LRC) is a medium sized college library and resource centre. It occupies a relatively small area, approximately 1300 square meters, and as the number of programs at the college increase it becomes important to find more creative and efficient ways to utilize this space. Along with issues of space, a number of other issues have emerged in recent years that may require some modification to the library’s layout. The three main issues that will be considered in this study are:

1. Access:

Library has 4 exits but only one is used to enter and exit the library. This has created a number of problems, including a major traffic flow problem and a library that is isolated from the rest of the college.

2. Better integration of services:

Technology and library services are competing for space.

Computer services are located in different areas of the library. Students often voice their confusion about the layout of services by expressing surprise that there is a computer lab in the library and stacks in the computer centre.

The unusual layout of this library, with its two long corridors leading away from the main room, will further add to the difficulty in creating one integrated space.

3. Sound Issues:

Access and merging service points are contributing to the noise issue. Controlling the noise level in an area surrounded by computer stations and group use rooms will be difficult to manage and a priority for this facility will be to create separate activity and quiet spaces.

Interestingly, all these issues are interrelated and in some instances one solution will resolve more than one problem.