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Middle East History

A bibliography of Internet resources for the International Baccalaureate (IB) Middle East History program


About the Site


This collection is guided by the overall principle of being an academic support tool for the International Baccalaureate (IB) Middle East History program for high school students. All resources included should support and enrich the IB Middle East History curriculum guide. The organizational structure and classifications are also based on IB curriculum guide. The content of the website directly corresponds with selected topics and sub-topics within the IB curriculum guide. Therefore, resources have been gathered on the following topic areas:


Effects of the First World War on the region

·  The Middle East in 1900 under the Ottoman Empire

·  Arab Revolt of 1916

·  Allied diplomacy and its impact

·  Treaties of Sevres, Lausanne, Versailles, King-Crane Commissions and San Remo Conference

·  The Mandate system


The emergence of independent states and their leaders in the Middle East

·  Turkey and Attaturk, 1919-1938

·  Saudi Arabia and Ibn Saud, 1932-1953

·  Iran and Reza Shah, 1924-1941

·  Gulf States in the 1920’s and 1930’s


Zionism, the Palestine Mandate and the emergence of Modern Israel, 1918 to 1949          

·  Zionism

·  Establishment and operation of mandate

·  Immigration, land issues, and economic development

·  End of the Mandate, birth of the Israeli state


            Middle East relations circa 1973 to 1995

·  Attempts at peace-making with Israel

·  Sadat, Mubarak and Egypt’s role in the Middle East

·  Iran-Iraq war, Saddam Hussein

·  Position of Syria and Jordan and their role in the Middle East

·  Lebanon Civil War

·  Gulf War


Scope and Format of the Bibliography


The goal of this collection is not to collect a comprehensive coverage of all available websites on the above-mentioned topics. Websites that offer similar information to sites already in the collection will not be selected unless they offer a different perspective or historical interpretation of the topic. The collection endeavors to provide students with “deep links” to specific topics and web pages rather than to provide a collection of portal websites. Therefore, providing access to specific pages within a website is the main priority. Each website is given a detailed annotation about the content of the site. In the third line of annotation an adapted Research Library Group (RLG) system of coding to inform students of the anticipated depth of research/writing style for each site. A rating of one (1) indicates material that is written at introductory level. A rating of two (2) is used for material that is suitable for classroom use or instruction material. A rating of three (3) classifies material that should be used for advanced research level on historical investigations or extended essays and/or for additional interest.




This bibliography was originally written in April 2004 as part of the course requirements for LIS 599: Directed Study. It has been updated and converted to a web document to meet the requirements of LIS 600: Capping Exercise. Created by Cameron Janzen on March 14, 2006.