A Proposal to Investigate the Information-Seeking Behaviors of Chinese Students at Canadian Academic Libraries


Dissemination Plan

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Dissemination Plan

The study examines a user-centered problem in the library and information science field. It is part of the general area research problem about information behaviors of international students. Thus the research findings should be disseminated in professional conferences or scholarly journals in the library science field.

The researcher plans to present the research findings on the Alberta Library Conference (ALC). As a member of the Alberta Library Association, the researcher is familiar with the requirements of ALC proceedings. Moreover, as a novice researcher, he/she will get more chance to present the first research findings on a provincial conference than on a national or international conference. In addition, ALC 2006 has a student chapter and provides a pre-conference workshop, which is useful for novice student researchers.

For publication, the researcher’s first choice is “The Journal of Academic Librarianship.” It is an international and refereed journal, publishing articles that focus on problems and issues germane to college and university libraries. The research problem of this paper matches the journal’s theme. Furthermore, the editors of the journal promised to offer new authors valuable advice and assistance to help them achieve their first publication. It is said in “The Journal of Academic Librarianship,” website that around 20% of papers are by first-time authors.

The researcher also has the plan to publish the research paper on “The Reference Librarian.” The journal is well-known in the reference librarian profession for its stimulating, informative, and practical publications. Each issue of this journal focuses on a topic of current concern, interest, or practical value to the reference librarian. It is calling paper on international aspects of reference and information services for 2006 issues. A study on Chinese students’ information behaviors may contribute to the international reference services.

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